The only thing we want in life is Joy, that’s it! NOTHING ELSE! No pleasure will ever compare to True Joy!

If we dont TRUST that Joy is our birthright and what Life wants to provide us with each second no matter what circomstances we are currently in…we will doubt that joy is always available and project this doubt into a circomstance that might fail us…Any possible doubt… and a very common one is… “no money”. If we are wealthy enough, any doubt around our health can be an alternative scary thought.

I might be unhappy because of “no money” or because of some coming desease, but really our underlying believe is that WE ARE NOT CONVINCED THAT WE CAN BE TRUELY JOYFUL NOW. If we would believe we can be truely joyful NOW, we would trustfully change anything needed to live according to the plan that Life wants for us, for example: marry the loved person, sell the house, buy the boat… whatever! We really CAN’T GET IT WRONG!

The real question is: do we value, hence Trust in the power of Joy over its contrary… DEATH? If we don’t value JOY enough, we will go against death and live a life that ensure our SURVIVAL and not believe that Joy brings us everything as a reflection of our connection to Life. We’ve never really heard from our parents: “Follow JOY and you will have everything, because Joy is a sign you live according to a higher plan… the plan Spirit wants for you.”

If we look back at our life, we will see that all the conflicts that ever happened, did in the absence of JOY. This is not surprising because a belief in scarcity vanishes when true JOY is. Joy reflects our connection to LIFE itself, and life gives and receives FREELY. The thought system that prevails and rules when Joy is, is one of surrender to what is and of GREAT TRUST.

Does that mean we dont have to care neither for money nor health? No, that means that investing in whatever brings us real joy will lead us to follow what the higher plan is for us NOW… To Follow and to Serve this higher plan.

Love means Abundance. If following what we love would not lead to an abundant life, what would that mean ? Abundance is NOT money, but the joy we associate and expect from it, hence… Abundance is with us as we follow our heart’s desire.

And…if you do not follow joy, that is okay!  Just be aware of what you are following.







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