At Live Love Long we believe in a non-dual holistic approach of healing. We integrate different spiritual, psychological and bodywork methods. Those are tools that we learned. During the coaching, we place them in the hands of our guidance. We trust it for leading through the session and releasing the blocks to Awarenesse.

What People Say

“I felt so relieved and positively surprised after the coaching session. It helped me,  not only to get a new perspective and new ideas on how to deal with a difficult situation but also broadened my understanding of myself and self-confidence a lot. They have their unique method of asking questions and reading between the lines. I trusted them and would always do it again. I highly recommend them as coaches. “

Foxy. A

I contacted Live Love Long at one of the lowest moments of my life. After gaving birth to my second child I started suffering from massive panic and anxiety disorder. After trying several therapy methods and beeing through many phsychotropic drugs, they were the ones who finally relighted my life. From the very beginning on they gave me the feeling of beeing understood. Their deeply honest, gentle and warmly way of approaching people in they darkest fears combined with their absolutely gamechanching method to overcome massive anxiety helped me step by step to retrust in myself and in life. I‘m so grateful of having meeting them and I hope that they will help many others who have lost trust in therapy, medication and finally themselves to gain confidence and life quality again!!

Celine K.

They have such a clear vision of the problem’s origin in our mind, that their coaching is beautifuly efficient!! They helped me dealing with a very old and deep pattern around a huge sensitivity to noise. I’m so grateful for having met such loving, patient and compassionate people. I highly recommend them.

Coco L.

Let’s build something beautiful together.