Hélène Bucher

“Think with the heart, the rest is done by a higher Power.”

Mystic – Author – Spiritual guide

My different approaches merge in an integrative method that awakens the heart and recalls our true nature.

Spiritual Guide

If seen without illusions, that what is, is perfect, because that what is, is God. This is a tough one for the ego, who would prefer to fight and be right; but a true liberation for the divine intelligence within, that knows the Truth and remembers it.

Yoga and Meditation Coaching

Yoga means Union and Union brings us back to our Wholeness. That which is whole is stable, grounded and powerful, yet gentle, sensitive and resilient at the same time. Yoga is way more than some asanas, but a way of living and integrating what seems separate.

Areas of Expertise
  • Conflict Management
  • Clear Vision
  • Intuition

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Fabienne Lison

“Life’s a DREAM and the universe is its PLAYGROUND, but we have forgotten that.”

Mystic – Intuitive Quantic Deprogrammer – Awareness Widener – A Course In Miracles Teacher
Reconnection Coaching

Let’s find our way back to this “place” which is stillness in the middle of turmoil, harmony in the middle of chaos, certainty in the middle of doubt, abundance in the middle of scarcity, Trust in the middle of desolation, silence in the mind, the absence of “I”.

Spiritual Guide

Through Knowledge of the TRUTH about Who We REALLY Are, through expression of feelings, non-hiding of thoughts, dropping of blinding and trapping beliefs, acceptance of EVERYTHING without exception, and through laughing at ourselves, let’s learn again to PLAY With Life, so that it makes us deeply HAPPY, which is its only wish… Life’s a PARTY!

Areas of Expertise
  • Reconnection
  • Acceptance of Self
  • A Course in Miracles Teacher

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Jasmin Aziz

“Let life inspire and amaze you, personally and professionally.”

Manager – Coach – Yoga Teacher – Positive Psychology Practitioner

With my unique set of tools I help you find and go after your true potential, purpose and happiness.

Transformative life coaching, positive psychology coaching

Once we start truly mastering our personal life, finding our path & purpose, increasing our energy level and health, refining our goals, manifesting positivity, and happiness – living to the full potential, Transformation Happens. Beyond what we have ever imagined.
Uncover your unique set of personal strengths, how to fully integrate them into all areas of your life, watching yourself gaining increased confidence, success and happiness. Finding your dream job, love, relationships, health and meaning. Working on what makes you, you, what brings you joy and own life satisfaction.

Areas of Expertise
  • Mastering Life with Positivity & Purpose
  • Setting and reaching your goals & dreams
  • Success & Happiness living your strengths
  • Energy Level Management, Stress Relief & Resilience
  • Yoga Coaching: Body work, Breath work, Meditation, Philosophy, LIfe Management

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Our Values

At Live Love Long we believe in finding CONTENTMENT and SWEETNESS of life. Our mission is to transform the PERCEPTION by opening the heart and mind, finding more BALANCE and getting closer to our Self.