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Connect with us to assess whether we make a good team! This is your free appointment that serves to get to know each other and see where you are right now. We want to know how you can be served best and if our service is truly what can benefit you. Choose the area you want to be guided on from the lists below and book your appointment.

Hélène Bucher

  • Conflict Management
  • Clear Vision
  • Intuition Training

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Fabienne Lison

  • Reconnection
  • Acceptance of Self
  • A Course in Miracles Teacher

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Jasmin Aziz

  • Mastering Life with Positivity & Purpose
  • Setting and reaching your goals & dreams
  • Success & Happiness living your strengths
  • Energy Level Management, Stress Relief & Resilience
  • Yoga Coaching: Body work, Breath work, Meditation, Philosophy, LIfe Management

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