One to One Coaching

Our One to One Coaching focus on the individual, our coaches have different expertise varying from reconnecting to positive psychology, depending on what you want to achieve in life, we will take you on the journey to be more content, to open up your mind, and your heart. Let yourself feel the unconditional love, book your free consultation today.

They have such a clear vision of the problem’s origin in our mind, that their coaching is beautifully efficient!! They helped me deal with a very old and deep pattern around a huge sensitivity to noise. I’m so grateful for having met such loving, patient, and compassionate people. I highly recommend them.

Connie. L


The coaching session helped me, to get a brand new perspective and new refreshing ideas on how to deal with a difficult situation but also broadened my understanding of myself and self-confidence a lot. They really  have their unique method of asking questions and reading between the lines. I trusted them and would always do it again.

Fiona. A


Yoga Classes

We offer various kinds of Yoga Coaching in both one-to-one private sessions and public sessions or even as workshops. Our Coaches are specialized in different types of Yoga focusing on posture, breathing, and strength, all according to your personal need.

Hélène Martenet

Hélène Martenet

Hata Yoga - Tree Pose

Our Yoga coaches are specialized in different types of Yoga that will suit your individual need, classroom can be in the Studio or in nature.

Meditation Trainings

In today’s life everyone gets so busy and caught up in their daily activities, is so normal to feel tired and crash in front of your TV when you get back home from work.

Instead of distracting yourself, why not focus on what’s going on right here and right now in your beautiful mind? Come back to yourself, listen and understand your body.

Let us take you on the Journey to transform your perception about life, the mind and the soul, meditate with us, feel the true serenity in your spirit.


Creative Workshops

At Live Love Long we celebrate creativity everyday! From holistic recipes to Art and Music, to all kinds of possible outcome, we will regularly present fun events to you.

Full moon Gathering at Greifensee

Music Improvisation Workshop

Stone Art Festival