Depending on your life situation, we will take you on the journey to open your mind and your heart to feel and think completely and freely in order to achieve what you truly want. With the diverse and varying background from each mentor, we are committed to guide you in the best possible way, from a one-time session to a full-year program. Allow yourself the opportunity to make a change and book a first discover call with us to assess your needs.

“The session helped me to dissolve the feeling of bitterness and replace it with unconditional love. Hélène guided me through the process in a very loving and targeted manner. The coaching session had a very deep cleansing effect on me. I then found a very powerful guiding principle for myself, which now accompanies me every day and makes my life more enjoyable.”

Anastasia Klink
Professional Home Organizer


Yoga is one of the oldest life management systems and can support you physically as well as mentally, enriching your energy, perception & experiences.

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“I had the chance to do some coaching and yoga with Live Love Long. They were always very welcoming and receptive and adapted the session to my needs. This time together brought a lot of peace and joy into my life, I highly recommend”

Emilie T.
Sales Manager


In today’s life everyone gets so busy and caught up in their daily activities, it seems so normal to be drained of focus and energy and feeling tired after a day of work. There is another way of handling your precious time and energy that we can explore with you, in as less as 5 minutes per day and no skill required.

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From the very beginning on she gave me the feeling of beeing understood. Their deeply honest, gentle and warmly way of approaching people in they darkest fears combined with her absolutely gamechanching method to overcome massive anxiety helped me step by step to retrust in myself and in life.

I‘m so grateful of having meeting them and I hope that they will help many others who have lost trust in therapy, medication and finally themselves to gain confidence and life quality again!!

Celine K.


At Live Love Long we celebrate creativity everyday! From holistic recipes to Art and Music, to all kinds of possible outcome, we regularly present fun events to you. Check out our calendar for this year’s event!

Full Moon Evening Gathering

Conflict Management Workshop

Course in Miracles